Welcome to Asian HomeoCare


Asian Homeocare is led by young and dynamic Homeopath Dr. M.V.S.S. RAMA KRISHNA, and a team of highly qualified and experienced Homoeopaths, supported by global experts with experience and expertise from other healing modalities.

The ASIAN HOMEOCARE clinic strongly believes in holistic healing with the motto, “care beyond compare”. Besides disease treatment, ASIAN HOMEOCARE clinic focuses on diseases prevention and holistic healing. Apart from the clinic, The ASIAN HOMEOCARE is also known for The ASIAN HOMEOCARE INSTITUTE that hones the best of homoeopathic talents, year after year, under the able guidance of world-renowned doctors who share their experience and expertise in patient treatment with young and budding homoeopaths, helping them grow with their knowledge and vision. The ASIAN HOMEOCARE – AN INSTITUTE OFADVANCED HOMEOPATHY is thus a melting pot of the best minds in Homeopathy, making valuable contributions to the cognitive enrichment of homeopaths around the world and redefining the patient’s sense of health and well-being. Thus ASIAN HOMEOCARE Clinic and Academy together offer the best possible global homoeopathic treatment to patients, besides teaching the latest advancements in the field of Homeopathy to students and practitioners. Our facilities deliver high quality homeopathic treatment and accurate disease diagnosis from our team with highly experienced and trained doctors and medical professionals. We look towards the direction of making homeopathy the mainstream medicine and through our research and scientific application we have provided treatment to our patients that have proved life changing for them.

Our Mission

The idea is to offer holistic health solutions supporting the overall well-being of patients who opt for homeopathy as the first line of treatment. Educating the patient: We believe every patient need to be provided details of hiss suffering , and what causes that suffering and what he has to do and what we are doing to him, how we colaboratedly work together. Transforming the health: The ASIAN HOMOEOCARE believes in elevating the overall well-being of patients who opt for homeopathy , transforming their health to higher levels WE STRIVE TO… Care beyond compare: We envisage creating a temple of healing, where that every person who walks into the other song is given the best possible homoeopathic care and treatment. At the same time, care is taken to ensure an experience of well-being. Other than enabling a person become disease-free, the idea is to see the transformation of good health and happiness at the root level.
The melting pot: We strive to create an ambience where experienced modern medical practitioners and alternative healing therapists work hand in hand to provide the highest standard of treatment possible. Unique patient-care system: The clinic has a unique patient-care system, where a team of doctors constantly monitor the progress and well-being of patients. Holistic healing: The clinic includes allied therapies like physiotherapy, yoga, meditative approaches, counseling and diet as per patient requirement. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, infrastructure, and medicine, the clinic is an epicenter for holistic patient care. Every case at the clinic is periodically assessed and discussed. The clinic has introduced a tier system of referrals and panel case discussions for all difficult cases. The panel consists of both highly experienced local and international doctors.



Capable of producing disease in a healthy person will treat similar symptoms occurring in sick person. Homeopathy treatment aims to enhance and stimulate body’s immune system and self regulatory mechanisms. Homeopathy not only focuses on the disease of the person but it also aims to improve person as a whole like his mind, body and soul. Homeopathy treatment is based on the principle of minimum dose which means giving least or minimum dose that is necessary to evoke a healing response. Homeopathy focuses on giving or suggesting one at a time rather than giving all at once...